Why Anger Management?

Kent Anger Management offer training programmes to: individuals, couples, health care professionals, teachers and learners, the Business World, and Public Services.

The destructive use of anger is a major problem in society today, and one that is rarely effectively dealt with or understood. High anger levels are now positively linked with stress, high blood pressure, heart problems, stomach ulcers, palpitations, headaches etc. Stress is now the main reason for time off work (more even than the common cold!).

The Benefits of Anger Management

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Who Can Benefit: 

• Anyone who feels that anger is affecting their relationships, their jobs, or their health.

• Anyone who feels they are unable to express their anger, and feel they need to.

• Anyone who needs to use Anger Management skills in the workplace (Health professionals, business consultants, C.E.O’s, human resources.   …personnel, police, social workers, nurses, midwives, doctors, firemen etc).

DomesticCMYK • Anyone considering training further in Anger Management.  


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